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Ice Cream Sandwich

How It Got Started

Cake Lady's Daughter is a way for me to keep all all my favorite recipes organized and have the ability to share with my friends and family.  I am constantly trying new dishes and posting only the ones my husband and two kids tell me to 'keep in the rotation'.  We hardly ever go out to dinner because I cook and bake the majority of our meals, but when we do go out I find that these recipes are better than most of the items we eat at restaurants.  Home cooked meals simply are the best.  

My cooking background:  Sorry to say, no cooking school.  However, there is something to be said about watching the experts.  I grew up with 'The Cake Lady' and 'The Chef'.  My mother started off having cookie stores in all the local malls and I would go to work with her every morning and eat chocolate and play in flour and oats.  She transitioned to baking wedding cakes out of her commercial kitchen in the basement of our home.  I would sit in my mothers kitchen and watch her bake and decorate amazing wedding cake masterpieces.  My after school snack always consisted of an 8-inch round cake topped with a large blob of butter cream frosting, nuked in the microwave for an exact 14 seconds.  I had a great childhood.  

As for 'The Chef':  My father cooked the majority of our dinners, all fantastically gourmet.  Every Saturday night he would prepare a feast for the crew:  Mom, Dad, Aunt Patsy, my girl friends and our respective boyfriends at the time.  This was my parents' secret way of keeping the trouble close to home (of course I'm going to implement this with my kids).   Watching both of my parents in their element inspired my love of being in the kitchen.  


Not to sound too cliche, but the kitchen is the heart of our home.  My hope is that some of these recipes inspire you to make happy bellies!  


I believe the way to a man's heart is through his belly, and a large glass of red wine is pure bliss.


Cheers, and may your belly be full and happy.

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